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We help businesses to use their own data to identify new opportunities and implement an effective strategy to scale their business.


All business owners share a common goal: to increase revenue and profits.

Nowadays, data is everywhere. Using that data to identify new opportunities and implement an effective strategy can provide a competitive advantage and long-term stability for your business.

Beyond opportunities for increasing sales, you can also identify the bottlenecks where your business is losing money. Data-based optimization is the key to reducing costs and growing your business.

With the ability to unlock hidden revenue and stay a step ahead of the competition, why aren’t more business owners using data-driven tools to improve their performance?
Over the years, we’ve learned that many e-commerce site owners didn’t know which data was relevant or how to track the important information about their business.

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Data Collection

Most e-commerce site owners must collect data from a wide range of sources which is expensive and time-consuming. There’s no comprehensive software solution for reviewing and understanding e-commerce data.

There are plenty of platforms for gathering e-commerce data, including free tools, such as Google Analytics, which captures a lot of data about your website. But when it comes to understanding the data you’ve captured, it’s not always clear what’s important and where to make changes. It takes a lot of time and effort, advanced analytics and data-mining skills to create usable reports from the data created by most analytics tools.

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Ecommerce Business Intelligence:
Our Offering

That’s why we wanted to provide you with a free data analysis. We worked directly with eCommerce site owners to determine the most important factors of an analytics tool for their business. That’s why we are offering a FREE eCommerce data analysis for your business. With this solution we show you how to grow your revenue, all you have to do is take action!
Ecommerce Business Intelligence
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What do we consider for this?

4 Success Factors of Growth:


Find out which products are the best in your store and which need to improve.

We can tell you which products are frequently bought together and to improve your PRODUCT POSITIONING:

  1. Is the product priced right?
  2. Do you provide enough information in your product description?
  3. Is the layout of your product page logical with easy to find elements?
  4. Are there enough photos with a high enough resolution?
  5. Are you building trust and credibility with reviews and third-party certifications? When you have products with a lot of views, but a low conversion rate… you can audit them to optimize their performance.


Learn which category performs better than others in your eCommerce store.


Identify which marketing channel brings the best conversion rate or which keywords need to be used in your campaigns.


Discover who are the best customers in your eCommerce store, and get to know their loyalty level for your company. Segment your audience by demographics, source and more – then create personalized campaigns to market to them.

  • We will identify low average order value (AOV) customers: Identify returning customers with a low average order value. Give them a discount to spend more on their next visit.
  • Inactive Customers: See your repeat customers who have not placed an order in the past week. Send them an offer to reengage them.

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