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Messenger Marketing

Messenger marketing can help give customers of any-size business critical answers to pressing questions quickly. They can boost your average order value, accelerate the buyers’ journey, and reduce your customer service costs.

A chatbot or messenger bot is an interactive way for you to automatically communicate with your prospects and customers inside Facebook Messenger.

Done for You Messenger Bots

How Messenger Bots Can Work For Your Business

Chatbots have been around for a long time now and maybe you’ve even tried some of them (if not, talk to Sauco’s Bot, Avery). But it is only recently that bots or more specifically, chatbots have started being more notorious. The way that customers communicate with a business or brand is changing and Messenger Bots are a direct reflection of how the market is adapting to this.

Messenger Ads from Facebook

Messenger Ads from Facebook are now available worldwide

Facebook just added a new advertising feature into the mix. After finalizing testing in Asia, Messenger Ads are now available to all advertisers worldwide. There are 1.2 billion people around the world spend time chatting, sending text, gif, emojis, photos and conducting commerce with businesses and brands they love on Messenger. Now with Messenger ads, they have an opportunity to discover experiences directly on their home tab.

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